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The Iron Works

April 16, 2008

about two and a half years ago, a good friend of mine believed god was leading him to start meeting weekly with a group of men. he had been very positively affected by his own involvement in a men’s group and he wanted to have a similar impact in the lives of other men. i absolutely think this is what god would have us to do. this is multiplication of ministry. this is what paul meant when he said to teach faithful men so they may teach others. so a group of us banded together to invest in the lives of one another and we called this group “the iron works”. we did a lot of great things together, but i believe god does many or most (maybe all) things in seasons. we have gone through a number of changes recently and the remaining core of us think it is a new season. so we are trying something different. we are trying video driven series. we have started with one called “hostage” produced by craig groeschel and the folks at last week’s topic was bitterness. craig did a good job of talking about the causes of bitterness and how to root it out. he pointed out that hanging on to bitterness will ruin your life. tonight, we are looking at worry. there is one line that i particularly like: “worry is the sin of distrusting the promises and power of god.” is this really not the point? if we truly trust god, will we worry? i do not mean that nothing will concern us. i am talking about real worry. if we have trust and confidence in the god that created us and saved us, what is there to worry about?

what do you worry about? do you think your worry is caused (or allowed to exist) due to a lack of trust and confidence in god? what can you do about this?

One Comment
  1. nursegirl1994 permalink

    thanks for the thoughts. As the economy seems to decline, it is easy to start to “worry” about the finances and such. thanks for the reminder that there is truly NO NEED to worry!!

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