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Life is Precious

April 30, 2008

last week i took she who must be obeyed to the movies. we went to a matinee showing of expelled: no intelligence allowed. i must say, go see this movie. it does a great job of exposing the biases in the scientific community. ben stein does a masterful job of hosting and narrating the film.

for a long time, christians (and others) have been bemoaning the moral decline in this country. many have pointed specifically to the lack of value that many give human life. i cannot begin to guess the number of people that have tried to blame the devaluation of life on the legalization of abortion. they say that since roe v. wade, people seem to give the human life less worth. i will agree that it has gotten worse since then, but i do not think that is the cause. i think the legalization of abortion, as well as the number of times the procedure is performed, are further symptoms of the problem, not the cause. the last half hour, or so, of the movie confirmed for me something i have believed for many years. at least in our society, the devaluation of human life on a large scale, is rooted in the acceptance of darwinian evolution.

the acceptance of darwinian evolution has been a major component of many atrocities. the most well known of these is the rise of hitler’s nazi party in germany. this would include the holocaust, but that was only the largest, most well known element. before he began his attempt to destroy the jewish race, he began with eugenics. this was the movement to prevent the reproduction of the weakest of the species. these included the disabled, whether physically or mentally. hitler believed that evolution needed a helping hand. he was to be natural selection’s assistant. this led to the attempted extermination of anyone he deemed inferior. this is the natural consequence of the combination of darwinian evolution and someone with a insatiable thirst for power and control.

this is why it is so critical that we teach our children well. i do mean the facts surrounding the creation and the scriptures, but not only that. we must teach our children and others the proper view of both god and man. we must teach the truth that god is the eternal creator of the universe. he is holy and just. he is all powerful and sovereign. he is beyond compare or even understanding. man is not. man is fallen and is born with a nature that is corrupt. man has no desire to turn to or follow god, outside the call of the holy spirit. man is desperately wicked. this wickedness is redeemed by god’s righteousness.

what is your view of god? how about yourself? i don’t mean to imply that anyone who believes in evolution will attempt to follow in hitler’s footsteps. but the line of logic is not hard to follow. does it make sense to you? what do you think?

  1. lana permalink

    thanks for gettting me thinking. I posted about this movie a few weeks ago. We haven’t seen it yet, but we hope to.

  2. Rev. Larry permalink

    Hi John, I too have not seen the movie but I want to.

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