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House For Sale

May 18, 2008

in case any of you are interested, our house is for sale. if you know of anyone looking for a home in tyler, let them know. we are not leaving the area, we just want to move more closer to school for the boys and for me. it will also put us closer to church and more of our friends. a big deal is that we want something with four bedrooms. if you want more information about our house, you can check out the links below:

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  1. Lisa permalink

    hey, I posted a link to the for sale post. just trying to help move traffic your way!!!

  2. L.G. Reeves permalink

    Doc Deason sells houses?

  3. wjcollier3 permalink

    he has been for a little while. he is not doing tv weather anymore. i think he does weather for a radio station or two in the area.

  4. Foxy5 permalink

    I was doing a little blog surfing during my kiddos nap time. Found your site through a Christian Mom Blog Ring (or something like that)

    Your house? Brought tears to my eyes. We are trying to move to the Tyler area! Your house is out of our price range (sorry) but seeing it (it is gorgeous!) and seeing that it’s in Tyler! reminded me that God is in control. All it takes is one little word from Him and we are there. So while we are still on the East Coast for now, I hope to someday VERY SOON be livin’ it up in TX. Thank you for blessing me, a stranger, with your house listing today. You really have no idea how much that did for my little heart during naptime. 🙂

  5. Foxy5 permalink

    I have the exact same dining room table and chairs 🙂

  6. wjcollier3 permalink

    you should email me at wjcollier3 at gmail dot com. how long or soon are you looking to move this direction? how much out of your range? as in any good business, everything is negotiable.

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