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Movie Quote Quiz Contest

October 14, 2008

My friend, Liz, posted some quotes from some of her favorite movies and invited her readers to guess the titles of said movies. It sounded like fun. In fact, I even got some correct. So I thought I would do something like that here.

Below are quotes from ten movies that are among my favorites. They are not necessarily my ten favorite movies and they are in no particular order. There are a few rules:

  1. Do not look up the movie. No IMDb, no Google, no Wikipedia, etc. That would be cheating.
  2. Email your answers to wjcollier3@[no spam] (remove [no spam] before sending).
  3. Answers must be received by midnight Friday, October 17, 2008, as time stamped in my email inbox.
  4. The person who guesses the most correctly will receive a prize which is to be determined. All decisions are final.

Have fun and good luck!

1) My grandfather used to work for your grandfather. Of course the rates have gone up.

2) Just a little bit louder, because this song is intended for humans, okay? Way Back Into Love, take two.

3) The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!

4) Civil war dudes… You guys are brothers for God’s sake… You gotta stop fighting… North wins… Slavery is bad… Sorry… Don’t want to burst your bubble but South you guys get Allman Brothers…and…NASCAR. So just chill!

5) You know how I used to tell you about Van Buren scoring that touchdown back in ’48? Yeah, I know. I know. That touchdown got me through 30 years at that factory. Got me through all those times your mother being sick. When I told you not to get your hopes up… didn’t mean that I wasn’t.

6) I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs two hundred fifteen pounds and knows how to handle himself. I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab of the gray truck outside, and at this altitude, I can run flat out for a half mile before my hands start shaking. Now why would I know that? How can I know that and not know who I am?

7) I’ve fought in two World Wars and countless smaller ones on three continents. I led thousands of men into battle with everything from horses and swords to artillery and tanks. I’ve seen the headwaters of the Nile, and tribes of natives no white man had ever seen before. I’ve won and lost a dozen fortunes, KILLED MANY MEN and loved only one woman with a passion a FLEA like you could never begin to understand. That’s who I am. NOW, GO HOME, BOY!

8) Here, take this, Wave it at anything that slithers.

9) He better be worth it. He better go home and cure a disease, or invent a longer-lasting light bulb.

10) Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young, Doctor.

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  1. Liz permalink

    Well shoot…I won’t be as lucky on your quiz. I recognize a few as something I’ve heard in a movie, but I can’t place any of them. Oh well…hopefully you’ll get some winners pretty quick.

    And if not, you can always just give me the prize. (big grin)

  2. Liz permalink

    Ok, if no one is going to play along, I may have to start googling the answers. LOL

  3. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace permalink

    Okay, here with Chris. We just logged. I wanted him to play your game. I figured he would do better than me. We figured out a few. He is still mulling over the others. We will be emailing you, soon.
    BTW, it is so nice to be here with my husband, in him, I mean, our apartment.

  4. Liz permalink

    I'll post here AND email you. I got Larry in here & he figured out a ton of these.

    3. Rocky (the newest one)
    6. Bourne Identity
    7. Secondhand Lions
    8. Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
    9. Saving Private Ryan
    10. Star Trek-Wrath of Khan

  5. lana permalink

    I hope you plan on posting the answers because you stumped me on many of them.

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