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Review: Cafe Frontera

March 1, 2009

One of my favorite things in life is to enjoy a nice meal out with She Who Must Be Obeyed. Yesterday, I was able to experience such a meal at lunchtime. We had a few errands to run, so we included lunch in the list. There is a fairly new restaurant on Tyler’s southeast side called Cafe Frontera
. I had not seen any advertisements or even heard anything about the place, but I am always up for trying something new. It was interesting to walk into a restaurant with absolutely no preconceived notions. I suspected by the name that it would at least be Mexican influenced, but that was my only guess. I was wrong. The food is full-on Mexican food. The menu had a great variety of items that I have not seen on other menus in town. Many of the items reminded me of the food you would find on the menu of a small diner in South Texas. The building was pretty non-descript. It is part of a small strip that is of recent construction. The inside is clean and fresh. It is sparsely decorated, but I was there for the food.

To order, you approach the counter and place your order and pay. The menu is pretty extensive, so you may want to take one to your table to decide what you want before you go to the counter. They will give you a number and bring the food to your table.

My lunch partner was not very hungry and tends to be a little bit of a picky eater. She opted for a simple lunch of two beef fajita tacos with cilantro and crema Mexicana (a light sour cream). They were very good. I had been wanting seafood, so I chose the grilled Tilapia. It was served in a sizzling skillet on a bed of onions and green peppers with rice, beans, and flour tortillas on the side.
The fish was grilled perfectly and served with a roasted pablano and tomato sauce.

There were a couple of things about Cafe Frontera that appealed to me. One of those is the breakfast menu. I really enjoy eating breakfast out. This is a basic breakfast menu that sounds very appetizing to me. The other is the free wi-fi that is offered. I did not have my computer with me, but I will likely return with it. I enjoy going to breakfast, taking my time and reading or doing some homework. I am confident that I will be back again.

The menu at Cafe Frontera includes options for children. The staff was friendly and helpful. The prices were affordable. I will close by saying that I enjoyed my meal and will definitely be visiting Cafe Frontera again.

Have you been to Cafe Frontera? What did you think about your visit there? Feel free to share in the comments.

  1. Liz permalink

    Where is this place? I’ve never heard of it.

  2. wjcollier3 permalink

    Sorry. I meant to specify the location. It is on Troup Highway, just outside Loop 323. It is in a small strip center next to the Casa Ole. You guys should check it out. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace permalink

    Oh yeah!! I have been wondering about that place. It is on MY side of town ( kind of). Anyway, thanks for checking it out for the rest of us. That sounds just like the kind of Mexican food that Chris and I LOVE!! Probably a mix of El Lugar and Don Juans. Yippee!

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