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Kohl’s – Especially the Bathrooms.

April 2, 2009

I love Kohl’s – I would go there every day if I could! I have been known to shop their clearance racks on a regular basis finding wonderful bargains. Just last week I was able to purchase a lovely zippered knit cardigan that started at over $50 for less than $5! They often have clearance racks with up to 90% off.
However, the thing that I like best about Kohl’s is their bathrooms. They are consistently beyond clean and pleasant. I will stop at Kohl’s just to use their bathrooms. I will stop at Kohl’s to let my children use the restroom. They are aesthetically pleasing with their choice of colors (browns and tans). They have self flush toilets which is handy (no pun intended), faucets that turn themselves off and a diaper change area with a padded bench. I have never seen so much as a paper towel on the floor. They even have real facial tissue and nice large mirrors!
Kohl’s is one of the best additions to Tyler in a long time and it is a great thing!


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One Comment
  1. Liz permalink

    Ok, John. You scared me for a minute. You started out by talking about a lovely sweater that you got a deal on. I mean, really…how many guys talk about deals on a sweater? But then you moved onto man territory—the bathrooms. LOL! Perfect ending!

    And you know what? I have STILL never stepped foot inside Kohl’s. I really need to! I’m curious about this awesome story people keep raving about!

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