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All That and a Loaf of Bread

April 6, 2009

I know of a great place in Tyler where you can buy bread…cheap! It’s the Mrs. Baird’s Bakery Outlet on Hwy 155 South. It’s a little past Noonday or the new loop but worth the drive. We have a deep freezer and so I only have to go about once a month. They have Mrs. Baird’s bread for as cheap as $0.79 a loaf. The price varies depending on its date. Today I purchased 3 full size loaves of split-top wheat bread, 1 full size loaf of white whole grain bread, 2 pkgs of hot dog buns and 2 packages of hamburger buns. I had a full customer appreciate card which earned me a free loaf of my choice (I chose Cinnabon bread – so good as french toast) and a cherry pie (the handheld kind). On top of that when you spend over $6 they give you your choice off a shelf (mine was day old bread – no mold!) and then they threw in a small sleeve of chocolate covered donuts – all this for just $6.50!! I have not had any of their products go moldy on me – sometimes they get a little dry so I just make french bread or toast it. Try to beat that at Wal-mart!

Mrs. Baird’s Bakery Outlet on Hwy 155 S. – it’s a great thing about Tyler!

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  1. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace permalink

    I REALLY need to take that drive. I don’t know why I never think of it. I grew up with my mom taking us to the Mr. Baird’s Outlet. It was a treat for us kids. We got to pick out something sweet. Thanks for the great reminder!!

  2. Liz permalink

    Do they take plastic or is it a cash-only store? The bread outlet place on S. Broadway (I think it's closed now?) only took cash & I rarely have cash, so it limited the number of times I went there.

  3. Catherine permalink

    Yes you can use plastic. I have used my debit card many a time successfully. I’m not sure about Discover and/or American Express.

  4. Liz permalink

    It’s ok. All I have is a debit card, so I just wanted to make sure I could use it! 🙂

  5. ziptheusa permalink

    Thanks for the great tip. I go by there and have always wondered if it was worth a stop. I’ll be stopping next time!~

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