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"Great Values" Don’t Have to Come from Wal-mart!

April 18, 2009

As you know by now I am writing about a variety of great things about Tyler, TX. As you will soon learn from my husband’s new project a subject very near and dear to our family is groceries! I have learned in my conversations with other women that my family tends to be big eaters. Trying to live on a budget means that the food part is where shopping frugally can have the biggest impact. Plus I just love a good bargain!

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself – we already know about Wal-mart! Yes, Wal-mart can have a positive impact on the bottom line – however, lately they have disappointed me. Yes, the ever faithful weekly shopper has discovered that many items can be had for cheaper elsewhere or at least at the same price. Did you know that Wal-mart will no longer accept computer/printer generated coupons!?! So if you like Coupon Bug or any of the other sites offering coupons you will have to do your shopping elsewhere. They also advertise that they will honor competitors’ sale prices – just not on store brands – it has to be the exact same item! So I have turned my attention to scouring the weekly ads in an effort to change our family’s bottom line.
As I began to shop these competitors to pick up their “loss leaders” – I am not too embarrassed to go into a store and buy just the items that they have advertised on sale and then shamelessly give them some coupons as well – I noticed that one store in particular could just about match Wal-mart penny for penny! This store was Super One – I shop the one on Troup highway. The store was clean, the employees were friendly and I have never had to get a rain check! There is plenty of parking and guess what? They’re open 24 hours as well! Another bonus is that they often have produce on clearance – a bag of tomatoes or avocados or bananas or “variety” bag for just $2! It just makes you want to take up canning and freezing! Their store brand “Food Club” is every bit as good as “Great Value”. During the fall they ran a special that involved buying 10 gallons of gas at the pump – show your receipt in the store and save 5% on your entire order! They often have coupons in the paper to save $5 off an order of $50 – that’s 10%!
As an experiment I did all my grocery shopping here one week and spent the same amount as I would have at Wal-mart – probably saved a little more because they had Golden Brook Ice Cream on sale. In my opinion it is just as good as Blue Bell and I’d have had to buy that at Wal-mart to match taste!
Milk is on sale this week 4/15 – 4/21 for $1.98 a gallon! That’s a great price! The milk is all the way at the back so take some time and look around – look at the prices of some of the other things that you regularly buy. Let me know what you think!

Super One – it’s a great thing about Tyler!

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