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Join the Movement: The Announcement

April 18, 2009

Over the next few weeks, I (along with my crack producer Todd Wright) will be putting together an all new web show. I expect it to be an unbelievable amount of fun, both for me and all of you who watch and participate with me. One of the thrusts of the show will be food competition. For the first webisode, I will be comparing and reviewing…


The rules for this episode are simple:
1. Decide on a restaurant appetizer for me to try. It can be from any restaurant in the Tyler area. It can be your favorite or it can be one that you think looks interesting but are afraid to try. It cannot be a sampler platter; it must be a single appetizer item.
2. You must email your nomination directly to me. If you leave it as a comment, I will ask you to resubmit it in email form. You must send it to wjcollier3 (at) (replace (at) with @.)

I will compile the nominations and try the top three. When the video is released, it will be available here and in a variety of other places.

Here is a video from my crack producer telling you more about the project:

  1. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace permalink

    Al-righty then. I sent you my email submission.

  2. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace permalink

    I wrote a quick post and embeded the video. You guys crack me up.

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