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It’s a park, it’s a sprinkler….it’s a sprayground!

May 19, 2009

Today I had the distinct privilege of accompanying my son’s first grade class on a field trip to Faulkner Park’s Sprayground! What is a sprayground you may be asking yourself? In this particular instance it is a playground that is delightfully cool and wet! There are a variety of sprinklers and sprayers on a nice concrete surface that has been treated to not be too slippery. There are some nice benches around the periphery that will keep Mom and Dad in a fine mist but not soaking.
Right beside the sprayground is a regular playground. There is a nice soft wood chip base to cushion those inevitable falls. There are some unusual play things on this playground in addition to the usual swings and slide. There is a large pole with plasticized cables coming off of it that make it look like a spider web – very cool to climb! There are also some seats that you sit on and they use your weight to gain momentum as you spin!
The park is located off of South Broadway in Tyler at Faulkner Park. It is clean, there are limited picnic tables and relatively spacious parking (don’t try to turn around a full size school bus in there though – not easy!). A few words of caution – there are only porta-potties and the closest real bathrooms are a real hike (or a short drive) to the tennis complex. Also, it can be very busy and crowded – today for example there were at least 3 different schools having field trips, a birthday party and several families enjoying the beautiful weather!
If you need a free, clean place to cool off this summer – check out the sprayground! It’s a great thing about Tyler!

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  1. Liz permalink

    We love that place! We went twice last summer in the evenings — trust me, bad idea, LOTS of people there at that time of day! We will definately go again this year!

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