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Restaurant Review: Johnny Reb’s Dixie Cafe (Hearne, Texas)

June 4, 2009

This past Sunday, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I were returning home from visiting my parents in south Texas. For lunch (or rather, Sunday dinner), we stopped in Hearne, Texas at Johnny Reb’s Dixie Cafe. SWMBO was driving and made the dining choice. It must be stated here that each time we drive past this place, I mention that I would like to eat there sometime. Also, recently Texas Monthly magazine named the Dixie Cafe to its list of 40 best diners. When I saw that listing, I mentioned to SWMBO that I would like to try it. Each time I say I want to eat there, she tells me that I have already done so. I say I had not. She tried to prove me wrong and shame me by stopping there. She thought we would go in and I would recognize it. Alas, I did not.

Regardless of her disappointment, we stayed for lunch. It was more than worth it. The decor is a sort of eclectic Southern diner. It was about 1:45 on Sunday afternoon, but the place was remakably busy. I had a difficult time deciding what to order. The Sunday lunch specials were the cause of my difficulty. I really wanted to try the Chicken Fried Steak, and theirs is reportedly super. But it was Sunday afternoon. How could I not order the Roast Beef? This is a choice I would not regret. It was a generous portion of meat and mashed potatoes with brown gravy. I had a choice of sides, from which I ordered black-eyed peas. Add in a little Louisiana Hot Sauce for my peas and an unending supply of sweet tea and my meal was as near perfect as I could imagine.

Our server was friendly and attentive. When I asked for hot sauce, but specified that it was not to be Tabasco, she understood. When I asked for one more glass of sweet tea, but that it be in a to-go cup, she understood. SWMBO commented that it appeared I had found my soul-mate. I was pretty sure I was already dining with my soul-mate, although when she ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, I was beginning to doubt. Just kidding, Baby!

The Dixie Cafe was certainly a good value. We enjoyed a great meal for around $20 including tip. If you find yourself traveling through Hearne, Texas near meal time, I highly recommend Johnny Reb’s Dixie Cafe. While I am certain this was my first time to eat here, I am sure it will not be my last.

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