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This Show Bites: Episode 1

June 6, 2009

This show bites is now online! A while back, I invited you to send me your suggestions for your favorite appetizer in the Tyler area. My crack producer and I took your suggestions and went on an eating adventure. The results are below. At the end of the video, I announce the subject of the next episode. Be sure to send me your suggestions. Now, sit back and enjoy “This Show Bites”.

  1. Liz permalink

    First of all–good job on not looking like a doofus eating on camera. I would be so self conscious about how I was chewing, if I had food falling out of my mouth, whether I was reacting in the way the viewer would want me to react to their suggestion, etc. So good job on that!

    Second–Larry loves the queso flamiato from Posado's. But they have it as a meal-sized portion there.

    Good tacos in Tyler? Hmm….hard to say. I'm not a big fan of tacos, but before you go about eating tacos, I need to hunt down the Taco Town video for you! In fact, I think I'll go look for it now. It's a hoot!

  2. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace permalink

    GREAT first episode. Sorry I am just getting around to watching it. You did a great job. Seriously. I guess we will give some editing props to Todd, too!
    I am excited to try the civiche at Villa Montez.

    My taco pick will be from El Lugar!!! I will email you the details!

  3. ben permalink

    ceviche tropical, muy bueno. Guacamole tambien. You must try cocido de res or pozole de jalisco too.
    Best regards from mexico; very nice blog.

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