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Fisherman Restaurant, Whitehouse, Texas

November 10, 2009

Fisherman Restaurant Sign

Fisherman Restaurant is the latest eating establishment to try to make a go in its location on Hwy. 110 in Whitehouse. If you want to try it, as I did, you have to be a little patient. Don’t decide to try it on a weeknight; it is only open on Friday and Saturday nights. It bills itself as a steak and seafood restaurant, and it is, sort of.

When you come in, you are greeted by a hostess/waitress and promptly seated. Since we had never been before, and there was no menu, I asked the waitress to explain the format of the restaurant.

It is primarily a buffet. The buffet is the basic “item” that you can order. The cost is $12.99, which is not unreasonable for the kind of food presented. There is a typical salad bar. I didn’t spend any time there. After all, there was meat to be eaten. Then there was soup; Friday night’s soup selection was crawfish bisque. It was pretty good. I really like crawfish, but had never had them in bisque. After the soup was the main buffet. I felt it had a good selection. There were baked chicken and sirloin beef tips. There was a variety of vegetables, and they appeared to all be prepared in a typical Southern home-style fashion. Then there was the seafood. There was catfish prepared two different ways, tilapia, and shrimp both boiled and fried. There was even variety in the boiled shrimp. You could have them chilled or hot with potatoes and corn. I felt the price for the buffet was more than fair. She Who Must Be Obeyed doesn’t touch much in the way of fish and absolutely no shrimp, so she was less impressed with the price.

Fisherman Restaurant FrontIn addition to the buffet, there were three other menu options. The first was to add steak to the buffet. This brings the price to $18.99. I balked a little, but then I realized I was adding all the steak I wanted for just six bucks. There were at least five choices of steak, including rib eye, flank steak, and a specially prepared sirloin. Honestly, they were all good. The flank steak was probably the most tender and had the best natural beef flavor. The rib eye was a really good rib eye. The sirloin had a crust on it that was perfectly charred and magnificently seasoned. The coolest thing about the steak is that it was served churrascaria style. This is like the Brazilian style steakhouses serve meat. The cook came out with the steak on a long skewer directly from the fire to serve it directly to your plate.

The next menu option is to have the main buffet and add unlimited crab legs. The price for this is $19.99. If you really like crab legs, this doesn’t sound bad. I love crab, but had never had crab legs like this. They were pretty good. I was reminded of eating boiled shrimp or crawfish. The meat is good, but it is a lot of work getting a meal out of it. To me, these crab legs were just OK. They were good enough that I may try them again somewhere that is known for great seafood. On the plus side, it was really unlimited.

The last menu option is to have the regular buffet and add unlimited steak and unlimited crab legs. The price for this is $22.99. In my opinion, this is not a bad price for all you get. That being said, if I go back, I will not get the crab legs. They were just not worth it to me.

The Fisherman Restaurant is a casual place. I did not ask about prices for kids, but they were obviously welcome, as there were several families there on Friday night. For payment, they accept cash and credit/debit cards.

My recommendation of Fisherman Restaurant is contingent on whether or not you like fish and shrimp. If you do, I think you would really enjoy this buffet. If not, you will probably be a little disappointed. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

  1. Sounds like our kind of place!!! I am thinking of a trip to WH this weekend. Chris and doing well for himself at all you can eat buffets!!

  2. Thanks for letting us know what you thought. We’ve heard mixed reviews & have driven by several times wondering “are they ever open?” so it’s nice to get that info!

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