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Once an Arafat Man by Tass Sadda

January 13, 2010

Tass Saada was a terrorist. Trained by Fatah as a sniper, Saada rose to the level of personal driver for Yasser Arafat. Saada tells his story as, I am sure, only he can tell it. He was born a Palestinian Arab in the Gaza Strip. At a young age he joined Fatah to help remove Israel from former Palestinian land, land he saw as belonging to his people. At the age of 22, after living life as a trouble-maker, Tass immigrated to the United States. He got married as a ploy to get his permanent resident status, then fell in love with the woman he married. He worked many years in the restaurant business, achieving some real success. One of his regular customers, who became a friend, introduced Tass to Jesus Christ and Tass became a Christian. He remained in the restaurant business for some time then felt God leading him into ministry. His vision is to reconcile Jews and Arabs based on a relationship with Jesus Christ. Saada has gone on to found a humanitarian ministry called Hope for Ishmael.

I found this book to be an easy, but not always comfortable, read. The first part is devoted to Saada’s lifestyle of hatred and anger. He describes in enough detail some of the violent acts he committed. The second section of the book is about his conversion and growth into the founder and leader of a ministry. It is a joy and blessing to come alongside Saada as his heart breaks to lead Jews and Muslim Arabs to Christ. the third section of the book is devoted to the idea that peace in the Middle East will not be found in politics or diplomacy. It will only be found in the reconciling power of God through Jesus Christ. This was an interesting book that I would recommend. Anyone with even a remote interest in world affairs, especially the Middle East, would enjoy and appreciate Once an Arafat Man. I was provided a copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers for review purposes.

Tass Saada believes there can be real peace in the Middle East. How about you? If not, why not? If so, how? Have you read Once an Arafat Man? What did you think? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. I think I saw this guy on TV. The story sounds so familiar. I was so impressed with his heart. It was scary how much hate he had in him and how there are so many people in the world like he was.

    Good review. Will consider this book. Thanks.

  2. wjcollier3 permalink

    it was a really interesting book, especially in light of how current it is regarding all the conflict in the middle east. what made the difference for him was his acceptance of jesus as his savior and as a jew.

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