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Free Book* by Brian Tome

January 20, 2010

Some book titles are a self-fulfilling prophecy. I suspect this one will fit into that category. Or at least close. In a few months, Free Book* will likely be on the clearance shelves of booksellers across America. It is not a bad book, it is just not a good book. Tome’s purpose seems to be to emphasize the freedom we have in Christ at the expense of virtually any responsibility we have in following him. There was not really anything in the book I disagreed strongly with. It was more like there wasn’t really anything in the book. It was like eating marshmallow fluff. Lots of air, not real content. I don’t want to say the book is dangerous, stay away. It is more like, “Don’t waste your time.” Of course, if you choose to waste your time, be encouraged that it is a light read so you won’t waste much time. If I had to rate it with a star rating, I would give it 2 and a half out of five stars. We are free in Christ, but there is more to it than that.

More information about Free Book* can be found at Thomas Nelson’s product page. I am a member of BookSneeze.

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