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Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel

January 27, 2010

Craig Groeschel pastors one of the largest churches in the nation. I would think you would have to keep up certain appearances. In Confessions of a Pastor, he chooses to drop the pose and get real with God, his church, and everyone else. Basically, he admits to the same shortcomings and struggles that most all believers face, at least from time to time. It is just that he is a prominent pastor that most people might assume is immune from these feelings. He confesses (among other things):

  • I can’t stand a lot of Christians
  • I have to work hard to stay sexually pure
  • I hate prayer meetings
  • Sometimes I doubt God
  • I’m afraid of failure

But Groeschel doesn’t just bare his heart and soul with his shortcomings. He offers real life, practical suggestions rooted in Scripture in overcoming these problems. He recognizes this is not what God would have for him, so he (through the Holy Spirit) overcomes these failures, at least sometimes.

Confessions of a Pastor is a practical, encouraging book. It is simply written and easy to follow. By confessing his fears and failures, he gives us permission to do the same. By showing us how God helped or is helping him move past them, he is teaching us to do the same. I would recommend this book for most any believer. I would also recommend it to most pastors as an example of how to be real with God and their congregation.


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  1. Sounds good. Thanks for the review.

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