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The Most Loving Place in Town by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

February 10, 2010

After reading The Most Loving Place in Town, I have decided that is the church I want to be part of! Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges tell the fictional story of Beacon Hill Community Church. It had fired a pastor, almost split, and now seemed to be largely recovered and healthy. Then the chairman of the elder board gets a mysterious letter. It tells him the church does not love God or each other the way they should. This begins the path to true church health.

Overall, this is a really good book that should be helpful to any church leader. Additionally, its lessons are transferrable to other leadership areas. Blanchard and Hodges are known and respected managers and business leaders. They also co-authored the book Lead Like Jesus and co-founded an organization by the same name. About half way through The Most Loving Place in Town, it started to sound a little like an advertisement for the entire Lead Like Jesus program. Just look past that because the principles are very true.

The book is a little predictable and idealistic, but that’s okay. They do not present it as a true account. Even the cover describes it as “A Modern Day Parable for the Church.” The book is full of truth and wisdom and is a call to laying aside pride and fear and letting love be the hallmark of the church.

Have you read The Most Loving Place in Town? What did you think? How about Lead Like Jesus? Is love the hallmark of your church or ministry? If it were, would you be more effective?


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