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A New Kind of Busy

May 10, 2010

If you are one of the eight people who regularly visit my site, you know that I have been reading a book each week and posting a review every Wednesday. You also would have noticed that last Wednesday came and went with no book review. I know what you are thinking. “That lazy bum. Doesn’t he realize that without his reviews, I have no idea what to read?” Obviously, I am kidding. But just in case I stumbled on the truth, I am humbled by your confidence in my opinion. For the rest of you, I am humbled that you even take time to read my opinion.

My goal was to read and review a book each week this year. While I am unable now to meet that goal, I am still committed to reading. John Maxwell (and many others, I am sure) says that “Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.” I am thoroughly convinced of the accuracy of that statement. Unfortunately, in spite of my commitment to reading (and learning in general), my time commitments have had to change.

Many of you may know these things about me, but please allow me to share what has been going on with me lately. In December, I completed my coursework for my B.A. in Religion at the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary (BMATS) in Jacksonville, Texas. In the fall, as I was wrapping things up, I began looking for a place to serve in ministry. Given my lack of “formal” experience and the downward trend in the economy (which also affects churches and hiring), I was having trouble finding appropriate opportunities.

In the meantime, I met the pastor of a local church here in Tyler. Lifegate Church is a member of the denomination I grew up in and my beliefs still fit within that framework. As the pastor and I got to know each other, he invited me to come work alongside him. There was only one catch, it is a small church and could offer me no salary. After praying about it and discussing it with mrs. wjcollier3, we decided to go for it. It would mean no financial adjustments; I already was making nothing as a student. And it would give me the “formal” experience I desperately needed. In January we made Lifegate Church our new church home.

After a couple of months as the Associate Pastor, the Pastor answered God’s call on him to serve on the foreign mission field and announced his resignation. He served as Pastor through Easter Sunday. At that time the church asked me to assume the duties of Pastor on an interim basis and I agreed. On my fifth Sunday as Interim Pastor, Lifegate Church extended a call to me to serve as Pastor and I accepted.

I went from being a student this past fall to Associate Pastor. I had time to read and write. I have gone to preparing and delivering three sermons/lessons each week. That is where my time has gone. Until I get my time management under control, and it is getting better, my reading time has been sharply curtailed. I still hope to write here pretty frequently.

In the next few days I hope to talk more about the church. I plan to share some things about us, where we are headed and what some of our plans are. We are currently searching for two part-time staff members. The job descriptions are listed here under “Job Opening”. If you are interested or know of someone who may be, try to get us together. If you are in the Tyler, Texas area and don’t have a church home, we would love to have you come visit.


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