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Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory

November 9, 2010

A quiet dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. With Jesus. That is the basic premise of Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. There have been repeated surveys asking people who they would invite to a dream dinner. Almost without fail, Jesus tops the list. This book takes advantage of that idea and tells the story of one man’s dinner and conversation with Jesus Christ.

In Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, Nick receives a mysterious dinner invitation to have dinner with Jesus Christ at a nice Italian restaurant. Nick assumes it is a joke or prank by some of his friends, but he could not be more wrong. This was the real Jesus.

On the surface, the story sounds really gimmicky. And it is, a little. But it is also a pretty good story. Nick has some experience with religion, but he does not have a relationship with God. This shines through as he pokes fun at and tries to trip up Jesus.

One of the things I most like about this little book is Jesus’ focus during their conversation. He does not focus on all the things wrong with Nick. He spends his time trying to help Nick understand God’s great desire to have a relationship with him. The focus is on the relationship.

One of the great uses for Dinner with a Perfect Stranger is as a witnessing tool. It is an easy read that can be given to an unbeliever who enjoys a good short story. The entire book can be read in about an hour. It would then lend itself to meaningful follow-up conversations. As evangelistic books go, it is very different than those apologetics based works by authors like Strobel or McDowell. But it is a good book, none the less.


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  1. KIND OF sounds like The Shack. Both fictional, both about a ‘meeting’ with God.

    • wjcollier3 permalink

      Except Dinner is not full of bad thology.

      • The Shack isn’t either. It’s a fictional book. But I know a lot of folks take it as a look at theology. I just thought it was stupid & weird. 🙂

        I reviewed it on my blog. Let me know if ya want to see my more specific thoughts on it. I’ll dig it up for ya.

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