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The Return of a Mighty Church by Jack Eggar

November 24, 2010

Some time ago, I read and reviewed a little book called The Most Loving Place in Town. This little book by Jack Eggar is a lot like it. A lot. They both tell the story of a fictional church that has seen better days. The leaders repent for how they have strayed. They each discover a program to help them return to their former glory. The big difference is in the program.

The Most Loving Place in Town was written by Ken Blanchard. That church’s program was to Blanchard’s leadership program. The author of The Return of a Mighty Church is Jack Eggar. Eggar is the head of AWANA Clubs. The program that saved this fictional church was their AWANA Club. Shocking, no? Let’s cut to the chase. It is a neat little story and a great commercial for AWANA.

The story is simply written, perhaps a little too simply. In spite of that, there is a certain familiar kind of truth to it. The part that is too simple is that when the church rediscovers its purpose for existence, the primary answer to fulfilling that purpose could be found in one single program, even one as high quality as AWANA. I think we all know that nothing in life, including the church, is really that simple. Nothing.

The Return of a Mighty Church is a quick, easy read. Uninterrupted, most people should be able to complete it in one to one and a half hours. Additionally, the story is not complicated. The points of the story are easy to grasp and not heavily veiled.

There are a number of quality truths to be grasped from the story; you just have to look past all the answers being found in AWANA. The main thing is for the church to discover (or rediscover) its purpose and doggedly follow it.

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