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Turn Up the Heat by Dr. Kevin Leman

December 10, 2010

Early this fall, I attended a conference and had the privilege of hearing Dr. Kevin Leman speak. I enjoyed his presentation so much that I promised myself I would read the next book by him that I had the opportunity to. The other day I was perusing the clearance shelf at my local Christian book retailer and came across a hardbound copy of Turn Up the Heat for about five dollars so I snapped it up.

Dr. Leman has written several books including Sheet Music and Sex Begins in the Kitchen. Apparently this is a topic the good doctor feels strongly about. Since this is not his first, or even second, book on the topic of sex (within marriage, of course), it does not follow the typical format of other books on this topic. Based on the author’s experience and expertise on this topic (rooted in his years as a practicing psychologist), he receives a lot of questions from husbands and wives regarding every conceivable area of the sexual part of their relationship. That is what this book is centered around. The questions. He has taken the questions, changed any names and other identifiable elements, and answered in this book. He has divided the questions based on the area of help needed and covers them in twenty-five very readable chapters.

I really just have a couple of very minor criticisms of the book. The first has to do with how specific he made the chapters. This made for a lot of overlap in the topics and his answers. It was not a big deal, just a little annoying for me. The second criticism is that his answers were a little simplistic. I realize they had to be because of the nature of his medium. He is providing general answers to general questions. The problem is that a lot of his answers started to sound a lot alike.

Now let’s talk about what I liked. The first of all, I appreciate that his answers were biblical without being preachy. Believe it or not, it can be done. Another thing I liked was one of the things that I just criticized; and that is the simplicity of the answers. I realize that relationships are complicated; but in marriage, often the solution to conflict is not. Dr. Leman (and the Bible) advocate that husbands properly love their wives and wives properly love and respect their husbands. The truth is that if couples did this better, there would be far less conflict, infidelity, and other marital problems.

Turn Up the Heat is a good book. I recommend it. Husbands and wives should both read it. It might even be one you could read together. But remember this. It does not do much good to simply read about these things. After you read the book, put it into practice!


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