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Weekend Reading: City on Our Knees

August 19, 2011

I love stories. Most of us do. Some of us are even pretty good at telling them. But the ultimate is to live a great story. Christian recording artist TobyMac has released a book inspired by, and bearing the same title of, his hit song City on Our Knees (2010, Bethany House Publishers). In all fairness, TobyMac did not, in the truest sense, write the book. The copyright page says the manuscript was prepared by Todd Hafer and Rick Killian. My best guess is that the authors and publisher felt they might sell a few more copies with the star’s name on the cover.

The authors use four lines from the TobyMac song by the same title to separate the sections of the book.

  • If We Gotta Start Sometime, Why Not Now? Step Across the Line

  • Two Worlds Collide: Out of the Comfort Zone…and Into the Light

  • We Are One Choice From Together: We Are Family

  • Through the Fog There Is Hope in the Distance: Hope Is Just a Prayer Away

Each section begins with a number of scripture and inspirational quotes, followed by a short blog post from TobyMac. After that are a series of stories. Some of them are current. Some of them are historical. All of them are inspiring. The focus is that Christians should be active in the world around them. They should be improving their communities and the lives of their neighbors. And we should, shouldn’t we?

Don’t go here looking for deep theology. Don’t go looking here for professional advice or counsel. Do go here for inspiring examples of individuals making a difference in the lives of others. It is light reading with a message. I would recommend this book for most any reader. I would also recommend it for church outreach leaders for ideas on things you can involve your outreach groups in.



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  1. Sounds like a great book!

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