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D6 Conference 2011: Garnett Reid

September 23, 2011

Dr. Garnett Reid serves as the chairman of the Biblical and Ministry Studies Department at Free Will Baptist Bible College in Nashville, Tennessee, where he teaches Old Testament. He has pastored churches in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Kentucky and is a frequent conference and seminar speaker. Garnett’s column “Intersect: Where the Bible Meets Life” appears regularly in ONE Magazine. He has also published articles in Bibliotheca Sacra, the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Integrity, and the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament. He and his wife Carol have two married sons, two beautiful Red-headed granddaughters, and one grandson. Garnett enjoys golf, baseball, and visiting Civil War battlefields.

Dr. Reid’s presentation today addresses heritage and legacy. Our heritage is not the past. It is not the future. Our heritage is now. Today, we create our heritage. We all have a story. God’s story is a story of faithfulness.

This is a snapshot of intergenerational faithfulness in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word used is hesed. This is God’s faithfulness. His loyalty. It is colored with his love. Reid proposed four conclusions regarding God’s faithfulness:

  • God pledges himself to every son in every generation. He repays unfaithfulness to the third and fourth generation. He repays loyalty to thousands of generations. He also redeems disloyalty. When Israel was unfaithful, he kept his covenant. He will do the same for us.

  • God does his work of discipleship to every son of every generation through the heart. When you trace David’s descendants, the writers always speak of the heart.

  • The father’s commitment must begin with his own heart. There are three words that describe David: flawed, forgiven, faithful. The father’s heart sets the tone for the home. A “heseddad’s heart is:

    • Faithful

    • Joyful

    • Receptive

    • Proven

    • Focused

    • Courageous

    • Persistent

    • Trusting

    • Stable

    • Transparent

    • Each son in every generation must find that center where hesed flourishes. A committed heart will open the door for God’s faithfulness. If a generation is approximately 25 years, there have only been about 140 generations since Moses. When he says a thousand generations, he is implying that it is limitless.

Christian parenting begins in Christianity!

Please leave your comments and questions below. I will respond over the next few days!

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