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Be Transformed

December 15, 2011

The December 17, 2011 issue of World magazine has a profile of Alan Chambers. Chambers is president of Exodus International – a Christian ministry that helps people struggling with homosexuality. While it is a good article, that is not what I want to focus on, but I do want to make a few comments based on a paragraph in the article.

Alan Chambers is in denial. It’s a charge his critics level against him on a regular basis. They as that chambers – a former homosexual who helps others struggling with same-sex attraction – is denying what comes naturally to him. Chambers wholeheartedly agrees.

I have never had any kind of same-sex attraction, so I find it difficult to relate to his personal history. But like all of us, I have a great amount of experience with natural temptations that must be denied. But we – as the evangelical church – have raised sexual sin to its own separate level of iniquity. This is especially true of homosexuality. This leaves those struggling with this temptation with the impression that the church offers grace for people struggling with most temptations, but not theirs.

The reality is that we all are denying what comes naturally to us. Or at least we should be. That is because sin, of all stripes, comes naturally to us. All of us. That is the essence of what Romans 12:1-2 is about. We are called to give everything, including our bodies and the temptations that attack them, to God. When we do this, he begins to transform us and change the way we think. This means he will change way we respond to temptation – whether it is sexual or a prideful attitude about how you don’t struggle with sexual temptation.

  1. A very difficult concept to grasp as it relates to homosexual behavior. The reasons are several, but the stipulation about homosexuality is especially related.

  2. wjcollier3 permalink

    I think one of the biggest mistakes we make (and I should have make this point in the post) is that we usually equate same-sex attraction (ie. temptation) the same as we treat homosexual behavior. We do this with almost no other area of temptation.

  3. Great post, John!

  4. Thanks for your thoughtful blog post. I agree with you that the Church treats ssa very differently than we do other temptations. Just realizing that is a huge step forward!

    Alan Chambers

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