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Climate Change Corrected

March 28, 2012

According to a report in the March 24, 2012, issue of World magazine, scientists from the University of Auckland in New Zealand have reported an average drop in cloud height around the world of about 1 percent over the last decade. They say it is a natural reaction in response to global warming.

I do not want to get into political territory – and rest assured, climate change is political territory. But I do want to comment about this. If global warming is real – and that is a BIG if – this is evidence that we serve a big God who is sovereign over, and looks after the affairs of, his creation. While I have serious questions about the validity of this alleged global warming, I am fairly confident climate change is real. But just because it is real does not mean it is a problem. I am confident I worship a God who rules over the affairs of men, and this includes the world he created and put them in. The Bible speaks clearly of God changing the climate in Egypt as he prepared to free the Israelites from bondage. There was the three and one half year drought during the times of the prophets. Does anyone else remember that little climate changing event known as the great flood? I am simply trying to make the point that just because the climate changes, it does not necessarily mean the earth is about to implode or explode or whatever is being predicted this week. God has a time when he will bring about the end of the world as we know it. We cannot preserve it past that time or end it before that time. We are called to call for it and be wise stewards of it in the meantime. Put your cares and worries about this world on God.

Do you have thoughts about this story you would like to share? How about thoughts regarding climate change in general? Feel free to comment below!

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