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Discipleship Discipline

April 9, 2012

Sometimes my Bible reading time is really easy. I am focused. The passages are interesting. Nothing can distract me. The Holy Spirit seems to give me all kinds of insight. It is just really, really good.

Sometimes my Bible reading time is really hard. I can’t seem to maintain any level of focus. The passages seem to be merely dry, at best. Everything seems to distract me. I even distract myself. It appears the scriptures hold nothing new for me. It is just really hard. It almost seems like a waste of time.

But is it? Is it a waste of time?

In the moment, I might say yes. But the reality is that time spent in God’s Word is never a waste of time. Never. There is always something helpful, encouraging, or corrective for the Word to speak into my life. Even if I do not sense that at the time, at the very least there is the discipleship involved in the act of spending time in fellowship with God through the scriptures.

We often call it a discipline, this time in the Word. I prefer to think about it as an act of discipleship. It really is not that different, after all. Even the words discipline and disciple are almost the same. There is a reason for that. Becoming a disciple, the process of discipleship, requires discipline. We place ourselves under the discipline of Christ.

It is the small acts, like spending time in God’s Word, that transform us from undisciplined to disciplined, from unbeliever (or simply believer) to disciple. And that is what we are called to be; Disciples.

How about you? Are you a disciple? Are you disciplined? Are you submitted to Christ and to the small things that transform us into disciples?

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