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We Are Redeemed By Christ (In or Out – Part 4)

August 5, 2012

This is Part 4 of “In or Out” taken from Galatians 3:26 – 4:7. The previous parts can be found here:

I really like reading and studying theology, but I realize most people do not. Some things are so theologically significant, they absolutely must be brought out. Verse 4 is one of those. We are talking about being saved by grace, justified by faith, and united with and through Christ. Without the truth of verse 4, none of that is possible. There are three significant points. Christ was:

  • Sent by God. God loved us so much he sent his own son. The Son loved us so much he was willing to submit to the Father. This was God’s plan from before the foundations of the world. The fact he was “sent” proves he existed before, outside our time and space. God’s plan was to send his son.

  • Born of a woman. For this plan to work, Christ had to be fully God (God the Son, sent by the Father) and fully man (born of a woman). It could be no other way. As much as you and I are human, so was Christ. 

  • Subject to the law. Because Jesus was human, he was subject to the laws of the universe, a universe that had been marred by human rebellion. But he was also a Jew and was subject to God’s revealed law. In keeping the law, Jesus was circumcised and presented at the temple. But no other human has been able to perfectly fulfill God’s law; but Jesus kept it completely. Only Jesus could be the perfect sacrifice because, even though he was fully human, he never sinned. His death bought freedom for us who were slaves to sin, making us part of God’s family.

We are redeemed by Christ. To redeem means “to buy back”. Redemption was the price paid to gain freedom for a slave; and that is what we were—slaves to sin and the law. When Christ redeemed “us who were slaves to the law”, he did not redeem the Jews alone. His death set people free from bondage to any law or religious system, offering salvation by faith alone instead.


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