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New Sermon Series

January 3, 2013

This Sunday, at New Beginnings, I will be starting a new sermon series. Christmas is past and a new year is here. I really felt like God was leading me to preach from a text that was more “do” oriented this winter and into the spring. From there, I started reading the book of James and the Sermon On the Mount. I spent almost two weeks alternating between them; one day I would read all of James, the next I would read the SOTM. And I prayed, a lot. I finally had a peace that I was to preach through Matthew 5-7, the Sermon On the Mount.

A few days after I settled my text for the beginning of the year, I began collecting resources. I ordered a couple of commentaries on Matthew’s gospel (Life Application Bible Commentary and Cornerstone Biblical Commentary) and a couple of volumes dedicated to the SOTM (Sermon On the Mount: Restoring Christ’s Message To the Modern Church [Vol. 11 of NAC Studies In Bible & Theology] and The Message Of the Sermon On the Mount [by John R.W. Stott from The Bible Speaks Today series]) .

A few days later, I was catching up on some blog reading and came to Rob Morgan’s blog. One of the posts was titled “Living Out the Sermon on the Mount”. In it he offered the simple outline he developed to guide the series he had just completed on the same text. It was very similar to how I was working my way through the passage in my study. I took this as confirmation that this was what I was supposed to preach to my small congregation at New Beginnings.

I spoke on the phone with a member of the staff at Morgan’s church, The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee. As I told him how God had confirmed to me that I was supposed to preach on this text, he was excited to hear how his pastor and church, 800 miles removed, could be used by God to be a service to another pastor and church. The Donelson Fellowship has been very gracious and generous to allow us to use some of the resources they developed to support Pastor Morgan’s sermons. My heartfelt thanks goes out to this pastor, his staff, and church.

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