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Thinking Like a Great Small Church (Seminar) – Part 7

November 5, 2014

For several weeks I have been sharing—in sections—a seminar I was invited to present at the National Association of Free Will Baptists (NAFWB) annual convention in July of this year. The NAFWB is the denomination of which I am a member. I pastor a small church and had been doing some reading about pastoral ministry in general and small church ministry in particular. After posting on this subject on this blog, I was invited by the ENGAGE Leadership Network to prepare and present a seminar on small church ministry at the convention.

I have shared the content of that seminar with a number of leaders, as well as here on my blog. Today, we come to the conclusion. This is by far the shortest section. A key part of the conclusion is a short list of resources I recommend. Since I prepared this material, I have discovered a few more I would add to the list. I will, however, refrain from that today and instead I will write about those in the future.

Have you read any of the books I list below? What are your thoughts on them? What other resources would you recommend? Thanks for hanging in there with me. As always, I pray this has been an encouragement and help to you. Please share any thoughts in the comment section below.

Swiss Army Knife


Small churches are here to stay. They have existed since the beginning of the church. As a small church pastor, I want my small church to be a great small church. Every small church can be a great small church. I believe one of the keys to this is for our small church pastors to get out of their own heads. Please don’t spend your time comparing your church to others. Don’t succumb to The Grasshopper Myth and you won’t just think like a great small church, you will be a great small church.

Suggested Resources




  • Facebook – Small Church Pastor
  • Facebook – I Am Free Will Baptist (for Free Will Baptist church leaders)
  • Create your own local network of small church pastors!

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